In the present catalogues we are pleased to list most of available CRM.

     The materials detailed in the catalogue are grouped by their matrix. All materials listed are the CRM or RM according to definitions used ISO guide 30, and supplied with comprehensive certification in support (in Russian) and short translation in English.

     The analytical data in the following pages indicates actual values for the current material. However, some CRM may be remade during the lifetime of this catalogue because the previous material is completely sold out. So the values then achieved may differ from those stated in the catalogue. Actual concentrations are indicated on the Certificate of Analysis dispatched with each material.

Certified Reference Materials for Ferrous Metallurgy (all cataloque .pdf)

Certified Reference Materials for Non-Ferrous Metallurgy

Reference Materials for Chemical analysis

Reference Materials for Spectrochemical analysis

1. Aluminim Base Solids

2. Copper Base Solids

3. Solders and Babbites

4. Other Metals Solids (Ni, Sn, Ti, Pb, etc.)

5. Zinc Base Solids


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